The Whole Pet Grooming Academy in partnership with Latifa Meena (Animals Can Talk) is now enrolling students in their Certified and Accredited Courses in Animal Communication.

The first five courses are all online!

This is the only state certified and accredited Professional Animal Communication program in the United States which is approved and backed by the U.S. Department of Education.

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Basic Animal Communication Certified Course

  • What is Telepathic Communication
  • How Telepathic Communication works
  • Learning the Steps to Achieve Telepathic Animal Communication
  • How to Build a Baseline
  • Examining Your Belief System and Opening Your Heart
  • What to Expect in Animal Communication

This class is taught online (40 hours over 8 weeks). Tuition: $2,400.00


Advanced Animal Communication Certified Course (Part I)

  • Continuing to use Animal Communication at a Deeper Level
  • Learning Additional Tools for Safety During a Session
  • Protecting and Cleansing
  • Using Pictures versus Live Animals

This class is taught online (40 hours over 8 weeks). Tuition: $2,400.00


Advanced Animal Communication Certified Course (Part II)

  • Working with Different breeds and Species of Animals
  • Removing Your Own Agenda from the Session
  • Why are the Connections Different with each Animal
  • Where does Society fit In Animal Communication

This course is taught online (40 hours over 8 weeks). Tuition: $2,400.00


Death and Dying for Animals Certified Course

  • Understanding This Process from the Animals’ Point of View
  • How They See the Process
  • What Animals Believe During this Process
  • Understanding Their Wants and Needs During This Process

This class is taught online (25 hours over 5 weeks). Tuition: $1,500.00


Boundaries & Ethics as an Animal Communicator Certified Course  

  • Following a Code of Ethics as an Animal Communicator
  • Respect of Animals and their Humans on their Journey
  • Animal Communication is not a replacement for Medical Services
  • Using your Skills When Requested
  • Allowing for the Highest Good during a Session

This class is taught online (30 hours over 6 weeks). Tuition: $1,800.00


Professional Animal Communicator Certified Course

Students must successfully complete all five courses (including Basic Animal Communication, Advanced Animal Communication Part I and II, Death and Dying for Animals, Boundaries and Ethics as an Animal Communicator). Our three-day class with include a complete review of all five courses.  

Hands on Practice with Animals
Submit a Final Case Study

This class is taught in person in Peterborough, New Hampshire (three-days 18 hours). Tuition: $1,080.00


All six courses for Professional Animal Communicator Course when bundled together as a package discounted tuition of $8,685.00.